Aquarium  Led Lamp
Aquarium  Led Lamp
Aquarium  Led Lamp

Aquarium Led Lamp

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Simulated marine life is beautiful and calming. 

The lifelike movement of the artificial jellyfish inside adds a peaceful feeling to any room you put them in.

The 18 LED lights inside the aquarium offer 6 different color choices, all of which are soothing and immersive.

You can power it easily with a plug-in adapter or batteries and switch between colors when you want to bring some variety.

Bring a tranquil vibe and smooth LED lighting to any room you wish. Aquatix is the perfect decoration for your home.


Relaxing atmosphere

The dancing jellyfish under the colored lighting bring a calming feel around the place. Calming anxiety and allowing you to relax and reach a peaceful state.

Smooth LED lighting emanating LED lights from the aquarium light up any room nicely. The 5 color choices add plenty of variety and blissful colors that complement any room.

Mesmerizing decoration-Adding the ambiance of any room. Whether you place it as a bedroom lamp or living room you'll enjoy the tranquil vibe it brings.

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